Our Services

Printing for all your business needs

  United Office Choice provide printing services for all your business requirements, including business stationery, company manuals, promotional brochures, business cards, marketing materials and even wide format copying and printing.
Copying and binding services

  United Office Choice offers customers copying, binding and laminating services to provide you with a professional finished product.  
Custom printing

  United Office Choice can also arrange for customer printed envelopes, business forms and cards, rubber stamps and many more products. Simply order your item, include your logo/artwork and the copy to be included and we’ll take care of the rest.
Promotional items

  Promote your business and improve your brand with our custom printed, high quality promotional products. We offer a hue and innovative range from pens, calculators and mugs to Swiss army knives, grooming sets, golf sets and binoculars. Simply provide us with your logo and we’ll take care of the rest.

  Our comprehensive catalogues provide our customers with a quick and easy reference, including;
  • Our full line catalogue, an industry standard and;
  • Specialist mini catalogues – tailored catalogues that focus on selected areas of the industry,
    i.e. Green Choice, Furniture, Mail room and warehouse.
    Regular specials/fortnightly promotions
      Keep an eye out for our regular specials throughout the year where you’ll find very competitive prices on a large range of products.


    Our Services Level Agreement

      Scope of Agreement 

    This Agreement shall comprise the following components:
    • Service Level Agreement and operational requirements
    • Account Management requirements
    • Service improvement criteria
    • Customer service requirements 
    • Reporting and reporting formats
    Invoicing & Rebates  
  • Strategic Purchasing Members will be provided with either a delivery docket or an invoice with each delivery. 
  • Monthly statements and reports will be emailed/mailed/faxed to members by the 5th working day of each month as required. 
  • Alternative invoicing arrangements between the Strategic Purchasing Member and United may include but not be limited to:
  • a) consolidated monthly invoicing
  • b) invoice delivery via email, mail or fax as requested 

  •   Customer Service Requirements 
  • Users will have a dedicated contact and telephone number from United Office Choice to act as a reference point for any queries. 
  • The corporate account manager assigned to Strategic Purchasing Members will be used as a point of escalation.
      Review Dates  
  • We conduct regular reviews of KPI's and SLA's in place to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the current arrangements.   
  • As part of this program we will conduct reviews at the following intervals:
  • hree months from the contract initiation
  • Every Six months thereafter
  • We will conduct these review with achievement of the following goals in mind:
  • Continually reviewing pricing in line with market trends to ensure you are invoiced with the most current price.
  • Consequently you will experience price fluctuations during the contract period, unlike other contracts where prices are fixed for the term, with pricing re-negotiated upon completion. United Office Choice prices will remain fluid to ensure greatest savings. 
  • Deliver a 5% annual saving to the customer
    24hr Delivery Orders placed prior to 3pm, delivered next day U.O.C Warehouse manager - Peter Tyler  
    48hr Delivery on non contracted items Orders placed prior to 3pm delivered within 48hrs U.O.C Warehouse manager - Peter Tyler Purchasing manager - Greg Pate  
    72hr Delivery on non stock items Orders placed prior to 3pm delivered within 72hrs U.O.C Warehouse manager - Peter Tyler Purchasing manager - Greg Pate  
    Deliveries Goods to be delivered by U.O.C. delivery driver to agreed locations U.O.C. delivery driver Robert Grivell  
    Single person contact for day to day queries Dedicated Account Manager U.O.C. Account manager Teresa Callaghan  
    Credits - U.O.C. to supply an RA number within 24hrs of request Gap Logistic to notify U.O.C. of any credits. U.O.C. Account manager to provide Ra number Gap Logistic's Stuart Allan U.O.C.'s Account manager Teresa Callaghan  
    Ordering Gap Logistic have requested to use the U.O.C. internet portal U.O.C. IT Department Adam Bakowski & Craig Broderick Gap logistic's Stuart Allan