Stationery Cabinet Refill Service

Let’s face it, ordering office supplies and stationery is often a menial and time consuming task. If there were a simple way that you could by-pass all of the hassles associated with this process and have the stock on hand as and when you needed it, would you? Well now you can with United’s VMC Service!

What are Vendor Managed Stationery Cabinets?

Vendor Managed Cabinets are stationery cabinets that we install at your premises on consignment. They are stocked with a predefined list of products (chosen by you), at a fixed price and are replenished at regular intervals by our merchandisers to ensure that you’re never caught short. 

On a Stationery Cabinet agreement you are only ever charged for the stock that you use and you’ll only ever receive one invoice per month.

Can I add/remove lines from my cabinet throughout the agreement?

Of course, here at United we understand that your office requirements and needs are always changing, which is why we monitor your usage. If there are items you’d like added or removed, let us know – we’ll make the adjustment. Similarly, if there are items missing from your cabinet that we think you’ll benefit from or are more cost effective than your existing lines, we’ll discuss it with you.

Overview of the benefits:

• Everyday stationery items on consignment
• Very little to no unqualified purchasing 
• Reduced purchased orders and invoices
• No need to purchase or own stock
• Reduce time spent on product selection & ordering
• Restrict items to a selected company range
• Eliminate current procurement costs
• Never run out of stock again!