Click Charge / Managed Print Service Plans

With a Click Charge Managed Print Service plan from United Office Choice only pay for the pages you actually print. On the plan you'll only ever receive a single monthly consolidated invoice for the consumable you have used - you'll never have to order ink and toner again either as it is all automatically resupplied when your stock runs low!

The Process

Four simple steps to click charge freedom!

Step 1 - AUDIT We'll conduct a thorough (non-intrusive) audit of your existing printer environment/devices with our tracking software and consult with your "key operations" and IT people.

Step 2 - SOLUTION Once the audit is complete we'll analyse the costs and inefficiencies associated with your current set up and then advise on the potential cost savings and process efficiencies we can offer you on one of our plans.

Step 3 - IMPLEMENTATION Once a plan has been signed off we'll then install our tracking software on your print network (as well as any new hardware that has been agreed upon) as well as provide some simple operator training for key users.

Step 4 - MAINTENANCE That's it! We'll bill you monthly for the pages you print and conduct regular reviews to ensure you print needs are being effectively met. We'll also provide regular reports on output volumes, trends and cost savings as well as investigate areas where further process and cost efficiencies may be made.

The benefits

  • No capital outlay
  • A single consolidated monthly invoice
  • All consumables, servicing and preventative maintenance included in the plan
  • Fully automated delivery of all ink and toner
  • On site servicing with our fully qualified technicians
  • Automated meter readings and reports
  • Reduced print costs
  • Increased productivity and functionality
  • Better management and control and;
  • Single point of contact for all of your printer requirements