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Corporate Customers

Why United?

You are a corporate customer with branch offices, and you need a centralised ordering solution that delivers cost savings? Easy. With sales teams in every state you can operate the account from your head office, and with nationwide delivery capability we can deliver to any of you branch offices. We are the experts at personalised service, so you will have a dedicated Account Manager who is a product specialist, and between the two of you can design a tailored solution that delivers real benefits to your business. Maybe you want stationery cabinets in branch offices with limited online ordering? Easy. Or maybe you need us to hold stocks of specific items for you? Easy. Or maybe you need to make regular deliveries to really remote areas? That’s easy too.

Tailored, personalised account management

Corporate customers also benefit from our ‘Service Level Agreement’ (we call it an SLA), which outlines exactly how the account is to be managed and what benefits are to be delivered. It’s a binding agreement that details exactly what benefits we promise to deliver, and its your peace of mind that the account will be run exactly the way you want it to.


We have extensive reporting capability that we operate in conjunction with the SLA to ensure that you are getting the best possible solution. We can tailor reports to capture small details in your spending patterns, and help identify our performance and your ordering opportunities. Reporting allows us both to analyse the performance, the spend and then identify cost savings. Maybe there is a product substitution we can recommend? Easy. Or maybe there are items always on back order we should be holding in stock? Easy. Or maybe there are items we can negotiate bulk pricing on? Easy. Your cost savings and our performance are easy to monitor with our personalised reporting capability.

Tailored ordering solutions

Corporate customers can tailor their solution to meet their ordering needs. You can order online through authorised personnel, restrict to a specific basket of goods, put ordering hierarchies in place, and limit the authority to spend. Or you can have a stationery cabinet with limited online ordering. Or you can stick to a traditional arrangement where you phone, fax or email the order through - Or, you can do a combination of all of the above. Its your account, and it will be managed your way.

Its Easy

With competitive pricing, national delivery, state based warehouses, centralised ordering, dedicated Account Manager, and personalised account management, we offer an easy and efficient solution for corporate customers.

Interested in more information? Click here to apply as a corporate account and we will be in touch.

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